Top 26 Dupatta Draping Styles on Suit


Salwar suit, be this a churidar or even Patiala, wearing this with latest dupatta styles is some thing that no woman or woman would certainly like to provide a miss. Exactly how many times perhaps you have stood in front side of the reflect wearing your preferred suit while modifying the dupatta hang? How many occasions perhaps you have wear the particular dupatta to the particular one side associated with shoulder, cab to tailgate plus so forth? Numerous often, isn’t this? Well, it’s typical with us. Simply no matter how flawlessly the salwar kameez contours our entire body, it’s the chunni that we find yourself struggling with.

Here we now have compiled the list of best 26 dupatta hanging styles on match that you would certainly surely love. Let’s have a look at some associated with best drape designs.

1. Draping this Over One Make in Pleats

Draping it Over One Shoulder in Pleats

If your chiffon dupatta is too slick for you in order to manage, just keep and make pleats of it. Maintain the pleats of the particular chunni as broad or narrow since you want. Place it over your own left shoulder. Guarantee the chunni’s duration on the rear plus front is actually. Now pin this up to allow it to stay at a single place. Now the particular continuous struggle in order to hold your dupatta either on the particular churidar or Patiala suit is more than!

Trust us women, this is the particular best style a person could have! Allow dance you solution to the celebration that demands a person to take the gorgeous suit without having fretting upon the particular slippery dupatta!

2. Toss it Free of the Shoulders on Both Sides

Toss it Free from the Shoulders on Both Sides

Although it’s a basic dupatta style, yet it’s second in order to none to grab the limelight. Throw it over shoulders allowing it in order to cover your bodice. The body-hugging appear that it provides to the person are awarded to visitors delight.

3. Suspend on One Make and Wrist

Hang on One Shoulder and Wrist

You can try this as one associated with the best wedding dupatta designs. The particular style includes one part of the particular drape to hold on the shoulder plus other coming in front from the at the rear of or vice versa. Wrap your hand using the other finish contained in the at the rear of or front plus you’re ready in order to steal the display! Isn’t it OH-SO-WOW?

4. Rajrani Dupatta Style

Rajrani Dupatta Style

Punjabi plus Patiala suits appear great with this particular dupatta drape design. Actually you may wear a greatly embroidered Punjabi dupatta in this style to consider everyone’s breathing away! Quite well-known amongst brides putting on suits, this hang features big pleats you need to put the particular left side associated with the shoulder. Retain it short than the particular usual drape plus pin up. Right now pull out the particular inner edge from the drape and pin number it up on another shoulder developing a cowl design. Now drape the particular edge over your own head by getting it on the particular left of the particular shoulder.

Dupatta along with embellished borders appear great using this hang design.

5. Dress or Princess Design Dupatta

Gown or Princess Style Dupatta

It is usually the right dupatta style for celebration. What all a person require doing is usually after dolling upward with your match, gather the chunni and hold this across your hand. Ensure you keep it from the particular returning to the front side with both fingers. Based on your requirements you can cover the ends about your wrist with regard to a gorgeous appear.
If your salwar kameez as well as anarkali suit has adornments at the front side, this is actually the right method to style your own dupatta.

6. 1 Side Open Totally free Flowing Dupatta

One Side Open Free Flowing Dupatta

No matter what kind of salwar kameez you decide to wear, this dupatta setting is very simple to pull away from! Toss the dupatta over your still left shoulder. Allow it to drop loosely open. Right now pin in the advantage adjacent to the particular shoulder to avoid falling or sliding. Now, walk such as a queen along with a sassy mindset even in your own ethnic wear such as this!

7. Dupatta Style with Waistline Belt

Dupatta Style with Waist Belt

If you’re looking for the most recent dupatta style with regard to party, this is usually the simplest way in order to go. Create nice pleats out associated with your chunni plus wear it using a belt around the particular waist. Make certain you toss the particular dupatta over a single shoulder and allow it to hand down openly. Use a developer belt (in situation the dupatta is usually simple) or the simple belt (in case the chunni is embroidered) in order to hold it from your waist.

8. Wrap Around the particular Neck Dupatta

Wrap Around the Neck Dupatta

This is among the casual dupatta draping styles on suit that a person can rock just like a true diva! Create pleats of your own dupatta and cover it around your own neck in a single line. Let reduce the both edges on the proper front side fall as well as front side.
You can put on this style whilst being at the particular workplace or venturing out. The beauty associated with your suit will certainly enhance without a doubt.

9. Wear the Dupatta on Suit Such as a Scarf

Wear the Dupatta on Suit Like a Scarf

Add a western contact to your match by putting on your dupatta just like a scarf. A person just need in order to wrap it about your neck in different of the scarf design. If you don’t learn how to tie the scarf, just adhere to good scarf designs guide.

10. Punjabi Dupatta Style on Suit

Punjabi Dupatta Style on Suit

If a person have a phulkari dupatta or internet dupatta with adornments, wear it such as a partywear design. Choose Punjabi dupatta style to endure out in group. What all a person need to accomplish is tie up both ends associated with your chunni plus put it on one shoulder. Select a center point from all other side considering the particular back too. Right now pin u the particular both sides on the shoulder in order to avoid sudden drop.

11. Choker Pendant Dupatta Style

Choker Necklace Dupatta Style

Evolved from front hang, this suit dupatta style is very simple to show away from! This needs the particular chunni to end up being pulled over shoulders from both edges. Place the chunni nearer to your neck of the guitar just like a choker plus get prepared to create a party ideal look!
Net dupatta would be greatest to wear within this style as they can be gathered easily without having to be too bulky.

12. Wear the Dupatta on Both your own Elbows

Dupatta on Both your Elbows

Jazz the anarkali suit perfectly with this informal dupatta draping design. Pin the each sides of your own chunni towards the elbows and let the particular stunning work associated with your suit arrive out. You may wear this chunni style even on the churidar, lehenga or simple fits.

13. One Pleat on Shoulder An additional Pleat on the particular Wrist

One Pleat on Shoulder Another Pleat on the Wrist

This dupatta draping style with regard to suit is significantly eye-catching. Pleat your own dupatta keeping the particular border on the particular front and throw it over your own right shoulder. Right now take the additional end and throw it over your own wrist at demonstrated within the picture. Stability out the size of the particular dupatta on the back again and the front side and walk such as a queen since you always perform!

14. Carry your own Dupatta at the particular Front

Carry your Dupatta at the Front

Set a good example to ladies as how you can bring a dupatta elegantly on an easy match via this design. It is among the simplest dupatta hanging styles for salwar kameez. You simply need to hold this in your both of your hands with a laid-back attitude!

15. Scarf Dupatta Style

Shawl Dupatta Style

Looking for latest dupatta style for celebration? This is actually the best design to flaunt along with a regal appeal. First of just about all, balance the duration and toss this over the back. Cover the 1 / 2 of your own back, keeping the particular both ends from the dupatta at front side within the shoulders. Protect up some component of your shoulder blades to stand out there the look of the suit.

16. Design your Dupatta as an Arm Candy

Style your Dupatta like an Arm Candy

For a queenly appear, carry your chunni in any associated with your hands plus let it adhere to you wherever you decide to go! Appear in the particular party with this particular style and allow everybody appreciate your own queenly attitude! A good arm-candy dupatta is usually a sight in order to behold forever, undoubtedly in that!

17. Bridal Dupatta Design on Suits

Bridal Dupatta Style on Suits

Bridal dupatta draping designs on suit may be done on so many methods, but this is usually the classic a single. Wear your wedding chunni over your face. Bring the correct end of the particular dupatta at the front as the still left end falling more than your left hand. Accessorize using a potli bag on your own right hand plus walk just like a diva slaying every onlooker with your queenly move!

18. Bengali Dupatta Style on Suit

Bengali Dupatta Style on Suit

If you’re appearing in your own bestie’s wedding since bridesmaid in match, select the Bengali dupatta style to avoid everyone around! This particular style isn’t just classical, but contemporary using a bit associated with turn and turn! Wear the chunni like Bengali pallu on your still left shoulder and allow everybody recommend your own unmatched ethnic design!

19. Semi Choker Dupatta Style on Suit

Semi Choker Dupatta Style on Suit

If maintaining dupatta nearer to your own neck doesn’t really feel comfortable for a person, try the partially choker style. It’s from the Indian dupatta styles being taken off by ladies since a lengthy time back. Throw the dupatta simply by pleating it more than your shoulders through the front. Create sure the duration falls back within equal proportion. Right now pull front side middle point from the chunni a few in . below your neck of the guitar and above your own torso. Tan tanaa, you’re all established to tickle everyone’s heart!

20. Put on your Dupatta such as a Cape

Wear your Dupatta like a Cape

Not all superheroes put on a cape, yet a fashionista may! Break the belief by draping your own suit’s dupatta such as a cape! This not only can make you a lovely great, but introduces individuals about your unique style statement.
Toss the dupatta more than your shoulders within free flow open up way resembling the shawl. Let the particular chunni stay open up and pin upward the edged dropping over your make and elbows. Right now walk with poise keeping your mindset intact!

21. Put on Your Dupatta such as a Stole

Wear Your Dupatta like a Stole

Give your otherwise basic salwar kameez a good Indo-Western touch simply by draping your dupatta like a took. Wrapping around the stole when you wear the top or first tee is common. The reason why not bring this particular fashion into salwar kameez! Just pleat your chunni plus bring it front side from the at the rear of of the neck!
Choose contrasting coloured dupatta on your kurta/kurti to leave at the rear of a really spellbinding impact!

22. Front Cover Around Dupatta Drape

Front Wrap Around Dupatta Drape

How about incorporating a bohemian contact for your Indian dupatta draping styles? Hang your simple natural cotton dupatta, net, chiffon, georgette or cotton dupatta in this particular way to stick out no matter whether or not you’re within the university, coaching, at office or on the particular go.

23. Neckerchief Bandana Style

Neckerchief Bandana Style

It doesn’t really issue whether you’re putting on a churidar salwar suit, anarkali, Patiala or simple salwar kameez, you may really add class into it. How? Simply by carrying your dupatta in neckerchief scarf style! Make the triangle from your dupatta and wrap this around your neck of the guitar as scouts plus guides do!
Trust us, other women are gonna adhere to your fashion foot prints with this design!

24. Traditional Head-Cover Style

Traditional Head-Cover Style

Brides that all are putting on anarkali suits or even Patiala suits more than lehenga should choose for this sophisticated dupatta draping design. This involves the trunk side of the particular chunni covering the particular head gracefully. A person can call this the classic wedding dupatta style or even drape.

25. Dupatta as Head Wrap

Dupatta as Head Wrap

Did you keep in mind the movies associated with the era 70s, 80s when heroines have their dupatta wrapped around their own big hairdo? Dupatta as head cover signifies that design. Just wrap the particular chunni around your face and let additional ends fall in one side from the shoulder.
Now you’re all set in order to WOW every onlooker available!

26. Cover It Around the particular Shoulders

Wrap It Around the Shoulders

Do a person want to fearless the cold climate without quitting on your style during the ethnic put on like salwar fits? Go for this particular dupatta draping design. Select a cotton or even woolen dupatta plus wrap it about shoulders as demonstrated within the picture. It’s sure your nice style will get many eyeballs with regard to all reasons.

Dupatta draping styles on suit have been attempted and tested simply by many divas out there there. When you’re bored of holding your chunni in a single way or 2 time and once again, it’s time in order to try something brand new. From Punjabi chunni styles to wedding dupatta styles plus more, try aforesaid drapes and allow the world drop in awe along with you!

If you have got every other dupatta hanging style for match, do share along with us. Till after that stay tuned to get more such stories plus suggestions!

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