The Key Tips to Get the Best Jewelry

The process of purchasing jewelry can be exciting if the buyer is well prepared for it. Good preparation gives him/her the opportunity to save considerable amount of money which make it easy for him/her to choose and procure the best jewelry. In this article, we explain the key tips one should consider when purchasing jewelries.

The Karat Level
Karat refers to the amount of metal in the jewel. Taking gold for example, a jewel with more gold is said to have a higher karat. This are Jewels made of pure gold, are expensive but not durable. On the other hand, cheap jewels may consist of 18K (75.0%), 14K (58.5%) or 10K (41.7%). Such metals are impure but are more durable. Thus, before you purchase any jewel, find out the number of its karats it has and the prices.

The weight

DWT is one of the terms you are likely to hear when you visit any jewel shop. DWT simply means “pennyweight” which represent 1.555 grams per unit. Usually, there are twenty DWTs that a customer needs to consider before purchasing jewels. The total weight of the metal, whether silver, gold or diamond together with its karat is the basis of setting a fair price. The higher the DWT value, the higher the cost of the jewel. A customer must always check on the DWT value of a jewel before procuring it so that he/she can find one with a suitable price.

Be Simple
Upholding simplicity can help you save considerable amounts. There is no point of choosing sophisticated jewels that are expensive if you cannot afford to pay for them. Silver and bronze are cheaper and can be painted with colors to make them stunning and look like gold.

Be unique
Some people choose to buy elegant jewels that were once owned by celebrities. This can be costly and can give one a hard time selecting the metals at the jewelry shop. Choosing something that is simple and unique can help one reduce the general costs of the jewels.

Note that while at the jewelry shop, you can bargain and purchase a relatively cheaper jewelry.

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