Path to Perfect Eyebrows


No thin eyebrows anymore! But if you are not congenital, you will not be able to keep up with the trend!
The first step is to decide whether your eyebrows are thick enough.

If your eyebrows are not thick enough, do not worry. With a few simple steps you can extend your well-groomed and healthy eyebrows. You can make a visible change in your eyebrows by massaging your eyebrows with castor oil, olive oil or almond oil for 3-5 minutes before going to bed every night. Another way to get natural and healthy eyebrows is to change your eating habits. To consume salmon, fish, dried nuts, raisins and soy products, especially salmon, causes the hair follicles to be stimulated, resulting in a faster extension of eyebrows and hair.

Find out how many of your faces are appropriate to the shape

If your face is round, try to create as high a belt as possible from your hand. If you already have a round face, choosing a round eyebrow will make your face look even rounder.

If you have angular facial features, prefer a curved brow. It is also possible to make the angle of curvature soft or harder.

If you have a heart-shaped face, do not be surprised by the low arched and rounded eyebrow shape. This form will offer a natural look. However, let’s say that you should avoid the high arch which will add a lot of length to your short face.

If you have oval lines in your face, choose a flat, soft-edged eyebrow shape. In this way the eyebrow line should go up slightly and then gently down.

You can use the pencil management for the three points you need to look at shaping your brow. Place the pencil tip of the lead column and place it parallel to your nose. This is the beginning of your brow. Then move the pen across the eye to your baby. The stamper determines the upper limit of the belt you will do. Keep moving until you come to the end of your stalk nose. The end point of the pen tip will be the end point of your brow. You can also benefit from the illustrated narrative below.

How to get perfect eyebrow

If you have done the theoretical part so far, we are now in practice. Prepare tweezers because it’s time to buy eyebrows. We have a few tips for you to do this perfectly.

First, take a comfortable settlement and make sure you have good lighting. Take care to ensure that your tweezers, the only tool you will use, will catch your eyebrows and be of good quality.

Spread a little ice on your eyebrows to prevent swelling, redness and pain. A good moisturizer will do the same.

Be very careful when taking eyebrows: if you go too far and get too much, it looks strangely thin. After each jumble, go a few steps and see how it goes.

Use a special brush to browse your eyebrows. If there are hair overflowing from the edge of the brow line, take them with tweezers or a small scissors.

How to fill the eyebrows

Now we came to fill in the eyebrow, which is the hardest part of the job. If you went so well here, trust yourself for the rest of the day! A properly filled eyebrow looks thicker and more natural. If the color of your brow is clearer than the color of your hair, you can use the eyebrow pencil to close the gap.

Remember that the color of your hair should be as close to each other as possible. If you choose a darker brow color than the tone of your hair, it makes your eyebrows look a bit strange.

You can fill your eyebrows using pencil, eyebrow stuffing powder or mascara. The pen helps you to hide the curtain and create a more natural look. Using eyebrow powder helps you get thicker eyebrows. However, if you have a rebellious and difficultly shaped eyebrow, you should head for the mask.

The way to the perfect eyebrows is the same as you use the basic steps, whichever method you use.

Use a suitable eyebrow brush and do not forget to fill the hairless parts.

If you think you need it, tail your hair, sharpen the bottom and top lines.

Take care to stick to the limits of the natural shape of your eyebrows. Avoid too much coloring, especially around your nose bridge.

If you want your eyebrows to be more specific, color between eyebrows and eyelids. To do this, apply a little glue and shaker under the eyebrow and mix well. When everything is done, you are ready to go!

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