Little women stand tall at Dubai fashion show


Like all performing mums, Colleen Theriault has her hands full with her four-year-old son and a full-period career as head baker at a patisserie in the US state of North Carolina.

But the 24-year-old is also an advocate for a budding movement that is breaking in to the international fashion scene. Its versions, like their initiative, will be small but strong.

The International Dwarf Trend Show, a non-profit organisation that aims to “reverse the discriminatory diktats of beauty”, brought seven women with dwarfism to Dubai this week for a show focused on raising awareness about the necessity for more inclusivity popular.

“Here is the farthest I’ve ever travelled, especially without any help,” Theriault told AFP, after modelling several dresses at the present late Saturday.

“This trip was a huge step.”

In shimmering bodycon dresses and glowing embellished saris, models from america, the Philippines, Italy, Bulgaria and Russia strutted down an impromptu back garden runway under heart-shaped arches of flowers.

The show closed with a charismatic model in a bridal dress, her holographic Mary Jane shoes peeking out from under a rose-dotted train.

Zahra Mufaddal Khumri waited for a lot more than two time with her spouse and young daughter to find yourself in Saturday’s show.

After surviving in Dubai for more than a decade, she recently create a Facebook support group for individuals and families in the emirate who, like her own, live with dwarfism.

She and her banker husband have built “a fairly good existence” for themselves in the global browsing hub, she said, but even there the essential task of finding garments that fit has remained challenging.

The couple generally seek out the assistance of a tailor to improve or try to make garments to be the proper size, particularly traditional Indian clothes.

“You ought to be comfortable in whatever you wear,” Khumri said.

Beyond the ‘kids’ section’

She does have the ability to buy tops and dresses off-the-rack, she said, “but with somewhat of difficulty since I do have to search in the petite section. Oftentimes in the youngsters’ section.”

It was witnessing firsthand the exasperation of a female with dwarfism searching for fundamental staples that inspired Myriam Chalek to set up the International Dwarf Vogue Show.

“It had been seeing this little lady shopping in a kids section — very disappointed, not finding clothing that fit her,” she said.

“I job in the style industry, which means you always handle designers and clients who ask you for tall and skinny,” Chalek added.

“Even though some persons are trying to convert the tide, just like we are, regrettably that still remains the norm.”

The International Dwarf Manner Express has attracted worldwide attention because it launched in 2014, taking to the runway during New York Fashion Week, aswell as in Tokyo and Paris, supported by France’s culture ministry.

However in Dubai, the express almost did not happen after an eleventh-hour cancellation, organisers said.

Chalek said there was “chaos, drama, disappointment and anger” when the hotel that they had booked cancelled on them last second.

A second resort also refused to sponsor the show.

Contacted simply by AFP, the manager at one hotel said he was not aware of any fashion present. The top of communications at the second hotel was not reachable for comment.

While Theriault was anxious to fly back to her child, she said she was not giving up on working for extra inclusivity in the wonderful world of fashion and beyond.

“We just want showing them that we’re persons exactly like they are,” she stated.

“Everybody includes a disability, whether you can view it externally or on the inside,” the model added.

“Everybody just has to be accepted.”


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