How To Make Eyelashes Thick And Long For 2017


Mysterious , seductive glance from under his thick , jet- black lashes …. These eyes can bring to mind any man ! But what if nature has not endowed you with beautiful thick eyelashes ? Or due to some reason they became shorter and lost volume ? False eyelashes ? Permanent Makeup ? Capacity ? But all this is not natural !

Long and thick eyelashes – this is one of the standards of beauty and sexuality . Very often in the pursuit of attractive girls themselves harm . Someone forgets to wash off makeup at night , and someone starts to use dubious means or consume excessive amounts of vitamins – all this affects the state of the eyelashes. Also, it can get worse as a result of inflammation of the eye or the use of poor-quality cosmetics . Even if you believe that using good cosmetics , try to give your eyelashes stay. Excessive use of mascara is capable to make them brittle .

Try to restore the beauty of eyelashes can folk remedies . To make eyelashes thick , are advised to use as a variety of oils and herbal tea .
Our grandmothers used a mixture of oil and petrolatum caste , it can also add vitamin “A” and “E”.

Among the people’s councils also mention of the home remedies from almond and castor oils. Applied to the eyelashes should be not less than 2-3 times a day.

Useful These Tips

Eyelashes For 2017
Eyelashes For 2017

The first rule for those who want to have thick eyelashes – do not forget to wash thoroughly with eye makeup at night . The skin is very oily eyelids . Per day on it accumulated a fair amount of dirt that is not in conjunction with a remote makeup becomes the perfect breeding ground for germs . As a result, you can get very unpleasant inflammation. No harm will also conduct an audit of cosmetics . Any mascara after opening the package has a shelf life of not more than 3 months. Do not use expired cosmetics.

Very often the result of the procedure eyelash girls acquire more problems than benefits . Their eyelashes look great up to the point until you need to remove accrued beams or artificial cilia hairs . Some are lucky and their natural lashes are not severely affected by this procedure , but usually the situation is somewhat different. Just look at any women’s forum and you ‘ll find at least one topic where the girls complain about the fallen and broken cilia to ask for advice means to restore strengthen lashes.

Usually recommend folk remedies that require a fairly long time for training or procedures . One or two sessions of torture and various tinctures and oils go into the bin , and with them fly in vain and spent money on them . The second extreme and adviser – this offer various hormonal agents on the basis of the hormone prostaglandin . Think about the questionable use of such drugs , many have already heard . Another disadvantage is their extremely unreliable effect. Should stop using them and you risk returning to the same result , you started the recovery.

Be very careful when choosing the means for eyelashes , as part of some of them contains unsafe for eye health ingredients such as hormones or their synthetic analogues .

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