How should plus size women be dressed?

How should plus size women be dressed?


Get ready to create your own gorgeous style by breaking some of the big body styling rules! Take advantage of the unlimited possibilities offered by us and say goodbye to boring combos!

That’s the style recommendation that frees overweight women’s cabinets!

You do not need to fill your cupboard with black outfits because it is a black thin color. Chocolate brownies and navy blue have the same thinning effect and these colors allow you to create more variety of styles.

If you are wearing a dark underpants, you can choose a colorful blouse on top. Do not be afraid to add colorful touches to your clothes, even if you turn to very light colors.

The clothes that sit right on you are sometimes beautiful, but the most important style you have to give up is to wear as much clothes as you can.

Because plenty of clothes sit on the widest part of your body, it actually leads to a wider appearance. Instead of wearing plenty of clothes, you may prefer pencil skirts and tunic combs.

The transverse lines all show wider and shorter, but this does not apply to every pattern.

If you want to wear a striped piece, you should choose thin striped patterns. Large transverse lines create color blocks in your clothes and cause you to look bad.

You can choose dark-colored and thin-lined pieces, and you can combine striped pieces with solid colors.

The large size patterned clothes for women comes first of what needs to be avoided. Is not it a bit ridiculous to avoid all of the patterned parts as well?

One of the stylistic rules that should not be strictly followed is to stay away from patterned clothes.

You can stay away from very vivid, complex and eye-catching patterns, but you should definitely re-evaluate your patterned clothes.

Just as you are in striped pieces, you choose your outfit, you can go for those with small designs and you can create stylish combs with flat colored parts.

Your choice of Jean should definitely be ‘boot-cut’ … Boot-cut jeans that will close your heel shoes will make your leg length longer.

Everyone who is not 0 is said to stay away from skinny jeans. And we do not really recommend skinny jeans too, but there is a way to do this rule-breaking too! Skinny jeans that reveal your biceps can be combined with long tunics, waistcoats and vests.

But your choice of shoes for this combination is also very important. Avoid the very high platform heels and stay away from the place. In normal gaiters, platform shoes and heels can help you look more pleasant.

We have good news for those who are constantly wearing black and dark colors. You should combine your dark clothes with more vibrant colors.

For example, you can combine a black pants with a blue shirt and a beige jacket. If you want to dress more colorful, colored cloth pants are for you. Just make sure that the colors you choose are not too flashy and luminous. These colors do not look very nice even in the smallest size.

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