How Do Worldwide Famous Stars Choose Oscar Apparel?


If it’s hard to find the clothes to wear for your graduation or your friend’s wedding, listen to their stories …

1. Hair stylists, make-ups and stylists are immediately caught when candidates and presenters are announced.

“I can start finding clothes for another red carpet a week or two before,” says Ladino and immediately, “But we are starting to work for Oscar now.” Although spring designs are offered for demonstration in January, many designers do not show the most precious parts in such defilements. The reason for this is that the designers must know that the celebrities will not wear previously worn clothes. Even if the stars do not demand clothes, they keep their special creations for the red carpet.

2. Stylists can find 30 dresses for a single event.

“You have a theme and you are moving on to that theme,” he adds: “But sometimes you see something else and you have to go for completely different options, you never know how the celebrities will feel, and for that reason you have plenty of choice.”

Ladino, “In general, only about 10 pieces of dress can be shown, but it depends on this celebrity, only a few options are available for some, and if I start working with a new one, I may need to show more. I may have to offer a lot of different options, in fact the problem is not the famous ones, but there are few clothes to wear! ”

3. Everyone is dressed according to their own rank!

There is always a hierarchy when it comes to dressing in red carpet. Ladino said, “It goes like this: candidates, presenters, attendees and only those who can attend the party, and the TV servers of the red carpet are inferior, so they usually wear the designers you have never heard of.

4. You should never buy your own clothes!

“Do you remember Hayden Panettiere at Golden Globes earlier this year, he bought Tom Ford’s dress on the red carpet and talked for months on the internet, even though Tom Ford is next to him and sending flowers, that’s a big mistake! You’ll borrow it and you will never buy it, “says Ladino.

5. Dressing can last up to four hours.

“Of course, this is a bit of a celebration, and it depends on the relationship with them,” says McNeal. “Sometimes it only takes an hour, but it can be much longer, especially if you have not worked together before.”

6. Hair and makeup takes about two hours.

However, if the body goes into make-up or intensive facial make-up, this can take up to four hours.

7. Leased valuables worth over $ 1,000,000 always come with their own protection.

Sometimes the protection that protects these walks goes on the red carpet with the fame, but they never enter the place.

8. Celebrities never wear underwear.

“Stylists always bring their own underwear, because these underwear are specially sewn on the outfit,” says McNeal. “It’s part of our job, and we usually prefer tapes or sticky patches instead of bra.”

9. Tailor required

Ladino says, “There is always a ready dress.” “If I do not have the budget for it, I can ruin it”.

10. Limit is required!

Although everyone thinks that limo is used to make it all luxurious, the limo is used entirely not to shake the clothes and not to disturb the hair!

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