Helpful Wedding Day Tips For Brides

There is always a lot that goes into the planning of a wedding, no matter how big or small. Instead of worrying that you may be missing something, it is best for all brides to have some of the top wedding day tips in their arsenal to help the day go by smoothly and free of hassle.

Always have an emergency kit handy on your wedding day. This can include everything from breath mints and extra makeup to deodorant and a small sewing kit should there be anything that needs to be touched up on your dress or even a dress that a bridesmaid is wearing.

Never forget that you should have some comfortable, alternative footwear to change into. Even if you love those designer heels that you picked out to go with your dress, you are going to be walking around and dancing throughout the event. Having some cute flats or even slippers to wear under your dress is a great way to keep your feet happy until the last moments of the reception.

Instead of dealing with all of the vendors on your own, designate someone that you can trust to work with them. This could mean tipping staff at the venue or even paying the final payments to the band or DJ. When you enlist the right help, you will see that this simple step can take a huge load off of your shoulders on your wedding day.

Finally, there is never anything wrong with having multiple lists to help you get through the day. List making is a perfect way to help you remember everything important on your wedding day. If it helps, you can even have lists for some of your “helpers” with you on your wedding day so that everyone is on the same page.

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