Elvis Presley Jumpsuit History in 2017


Elvis Presley passed away in 1977, however the iconic image associated with him performing, since the still indisputable king of move and roll in his jumpsuit phase costume, remains immediately recognizable each one of these many years later, not merely in America but additionally almost all around the planet.

Perhaps the misconception that Elvis nevertheless lives on provides some truth in it, in that will his many impersonators are often to appear still performing their particular Elvis tribute displays in most towns of the planet today. Almost inevitably, they choose in order to wear a duplicate of his jumpsuit stage costume.

In fact Elvis followed his jumpsuit design of stage outfit quite late in his career. It had been after his 1968 comeback television live concert that his performing career resumed, great main base with regard to performing shows grew to become Las Vegas through around 1969. This individual wished to distinguish their stone style through those of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. plus the other tuxedo wearing crooner-style vocalists who played usually in Vegas in that time. The tuxedo was not really his style, plus he needed a brand new look for their stage costume.

Elvis considered leading developer Bill Belew with regard to ideas, who created a two item costume inspired simply by the interest Elvis had in the particular martial arts. This particular concept soon developed into an 1 piece jumpsuit in wool gabardine, along with a high dog collar, flared legs, directed sleeve cuffs plus a very heavy “V” neckline that will partially bared Elvis’ chest.

This fundamental outfit remained the particular signature stage outfit for Elvis through around 1969 to his death in 1977. However, there have been many embellishments by means of this time, along with accessories and sophisticated decorations added in numerous variations.

The colour of the jumpsuits varied. While the particular white version had been often favored in order to show up the particular vibrant colored embellishments plus to stick out upon stage, there had been the variety associated with other colors utilized.

A cape had been popular with Elvis for a couple of years early upon, unfortunately he rarely noticed from around 1974. A scarf had been often added. The broad belt along with a large belt buckle took over through the karate design of tied belt used at the particular start. Rhinestones, steel studs as well as other ornamental designs were utilized increasingly, and sophisticated embroidered patterns implemented. The workmanship associated with Gene Douchette had been an important impact on the numerous decorative variations upon successive jumpsuits, sketching inspiration from numerous concepts, ranging through peacock feathers by means of to the United states eagle.

These abundantly decorated stage outfits were striking in appearance, and usually cost thousands associated with dollars to create.

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