Dressing Guide for Plus Sized Women


It is not just uniform bodies that are beautiful and rightly dressed. Women who do not have this kind of body can also increase their attractiveness by knowing the tricks. How is it like that ….

If you’re short …


If you want to show the upper part of your body long, you should choose low trousers. To show your legs longer than they are, select high and straight down pants. Beware of contrasting colors and big patterns. You can easily use live colors with the same tone.

Jacket and shirt:

Avoid short jackets that are too long or end the town. Choose the models that are sitting on the buttocks and remain in the hip area. If you want to wear a low-cut trousers, you can use a shirt with fringed tassels or a sequin. Do not make color contrasts between the bottom and the top. If you want to make a contrast with the background, apply fabric type contrasts: like a jean jacket on a silk dress.


Single color and straight cut dresses show silhouette longer. You can also use feminine and sexy parts. The skirt can go down to the middle of the calves or just above the heels.
If you are a kilo …


Choose your pants from as many pancakes as possible.


Wear long tunics especially down to the top of your legs on your trousers. Instead of eye-catching large patterns, choose single colors and dark tones. Do not avoid using the decal, but avoid the belts that are thick and wrap around your waist!


Choose what is out of cast fabrics; If possible, wear it beforehand. In your jackets, instead of the big batts, use your small shoulders to slightly raise your shoulders.


Never wrapped your body. Say goodbye to stretch fabrics. Floating fabrics that do not stick to the body are ideal. Use more monochrome and darker tones as color. If you like printing, choose tiny patterns. The skirt should descend just below your calves; You can easily use longer lengths.

All women: Keep it with you

What you need to keep in your handbag is what you need: a spare pair of socks a small shoe lacquer spun yarn and sewing needle toothbrush and putty hairbrush rasp paper napkins and of course your makeup will shine a bright powder lipstick to refresh your daytime lipstick and perfume.

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