Different Chic Outfits to Go with Dark Totebags in 2017


The dark totebag is the new it bag worn by most women nowadays. Not only is it stylish, the bag is massive sufficient to store so many things. Depending on the size of your totebag, you can store a laptop inside as well as clothing good for a few days.

While some would think about this bag boring, most women are choosing totebags more than other bags because of its minimalistic feel, practicality plus versatility.

Below are usually guides on what to wear with your totebag to make your outfit stand out. Bonus factors for matching bags plus shoes.

Dark totebag outfit, monochrome

Totebags were considered once the ugliest bag in the world but if you understand how to style yours, you definitely won’t appearance boring and plain. Try wearing a gray long-sleeved dress and hat then black totebag plus black shoes for a cool contrasting look. A classy, basic look everybody can sport.

Plain tee, cropped pants and ballet flats

dark totebag 1

Keep it sophisticated yet urban plus cool. Choose a loose tee to go with your cropped pants. Instead of high heels, opt for ballet flats then finish off your look with a dark totebag. This is one perfect weekend look.

Denim jacket, beanie cap and boots

dark totebag 1

Try something modern and chic with your own totebag by donning a denim jacket, ordinary tee, black jeans and suede ankle booties. Don’t forget the beanie cap.

Dark carry bag, checkered skirt

dark totebag 1

Here’s a pretty and comfortable ensemble they even make to the office. Instead of wearing a plain midi-skirt, select a printed one like this checkered midi skirt. Level a sweater over your button up t-shirt to keep yourself warm then accessorize with the bright red high heels and designer totebag.

Dark totebag outfit, khaki longline cardigan

dark totebag 1

An awesome and effortless outfit â€? all you need is a longline cardigan that isn’t dark to go with this all-black getup after that you’re good to go.

Coat, dark ripped-knee jeans and black top
dark totebag 1

Adding a coat to any of your looks will definitely allow you to look minimal chic. Add a vintage totebag to top off your look.

Blazer and leather dark boots

dark totebag 1

Another easy and effortless getup that doesn’t require you to spend money. Black blazer, black skirt and a plain first tee. Swap high heels for ankle boots.

Office wear
dark totebag 1

A chic and ladylike clothing that will make you look smart and professional, just perfect for the office.

Bootleg pants and chambray shirt

dark totebag 1

This carry-all bag may fit even the most classic outfits. Remember whenever bootleg pants and denim shirts were extremely popular? Even at this modern age, people are still sporting probably the most popular outfits in the 90s, but now rather than small handbags, they opt for dark totebags.

White button up shirt, jeans and darkish totebag

dark totebag 1

Sometimes all you need is the basic white button-up shirt combined with jeans and boots to style your own totebag.

Dark totebags are sometimes all you need to complete any of your outfits. This spacious bag will certainly bring you places, making you look relaxed and quite fashionable.

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