9 Tips for a Magnificent Manicure


Manicure must be clean to look good, but that does not mean you spend hours.

Make Your Own

You can mimic the function of a fine-tipped brush by sticking a pin in the tip of an eraser. It will be easier to use and the results will certainly satisfy you.

Aluminum Foil For Non-Removable Nail Polish

In fact, the gel is a method used to remove the objects, but it works well on normal subjects as well. Soak a piece of cotton with acetone, place the cotton on top of your nail, then wrap with aluminum foil. Within 10 minutes, the organism will be completely erased without any effort.

Toothpaste For Dark Nail Polish

You are well aware that dark colored objects leave your nails stained. Precision is not a pretty image. To get rid of these troubles easily, use your nails and rub the toothpaste. In a minute your fingernails will be clean.

Nail polish dries faster in cold water

Let the organism dry for 2 minutes then let it rest for 3 minutes in a bowl of cold water. If your fingers start to get cold, take them out and put them back in. Once you apply this method, nothing will happen to your oogenesis.

Converting a Normal Color to a Neon

If you want to catch this effect, first apply a white nail polish or white nail polish primer before rubbing the ointment you want to use.


Before applying the oil, apply vaseline to the nails. Afterwards, you can easily grasp the overflowing object with the cuticle stick. If you do not have petroleum jelly, any oily cream will see your job.

Broken Tirt Emergency Help

A tiny patch can save you if your fingernails are broken and you need to cut all your other fingernails. A tea bag, selo tape, or a piece of wet wipe can solve this problem instantly. You can also use nail-stripped instead of selo bands.

Bird Feather Dreams Manicure

Have you seen a beautiful bird feather in your glass? Do not throw it! Instead, you can evaluate for a different manicure that does not have herring.

Ombre Manicure

For this you do not need separate objects in 10 different shades of the same color. Mix only the stage, the stage color with the white ointment.

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