8 Simple Methods of Wonderful Appearance without Makeup


I am here with a list that will leave behind the days that you are looking forward to for those women who look charming without makeup, and will give you the confidence to wash your face in the morning and get out of the house … And our first goal is our eyebrows!

Uncover your spines!

One of the first eye-catching ones is the eyebrows. So if you catch your eyebrows and get your face right in front of your face, you start the game 1-0 ahead. Hair dyeing or dyeing your eyebrows with henna is another tactic that you can take them to the forefront … Of course you should not slip into other colors than your hair color.

If you have a rare eyebrow problem beyond these two suggestions, then we have a solution: a mixture of castor oil + A vitamins. Apply this mixture to your eyebrows every day for a few weeks, and you will notice that your eyebrows are getting pretty loud 🙂

For wide views

Curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler makes your gaze more striking, remember! And you do not have to use any beauty care products when doing this 🙂

Another element that will make you look better lies right under your eyes. If you add extra iron and vitamin B to your diet (both red meat is abundant), you can quickly get rid of the under-eye bruises. Another suggestion is the mint and green tea mask …

3. Your smile is more effective than any other care product!

It’s very clear, is not it? Nice smiling people, they create a beautiful impression … That’s why you should look after your teeth well. As you heard in advertisements; Brush your teeth three times a day. Brush again just as soon as you have consumed drinks that leave dental marks, such as coffee and wine.

Some people’s teeth naturally slide slightly yellow. Even if you can not fix the bleaching teeth, this can fix your dentist;

Let’s go to the lips …

Ruja, we have no intention of waging war on the shine … Of course, as we have said since the beginning of our list, the natural beauty of your lips will look better than anything else. Your lips should have a balsam oil massage with your fingers once a week, and you should not forget to use a moisturizer whenever the weather is too high.

Look at your cows well.

If you were to go without makeup, we recommend you to forget the matte hair colors first. The vivid and natural hair colors (if you keep the model simple) are great for you without makeup!

Of course there is a care process besides your hair color and shape. You should keep your broken teeth regularly, occasionally applying coconut oil to protect the brightness of your hair.

Must use sunscreen cream!

Wrinkles, sunburns, scars, spots … If you remain vulnerable under the sun, all these annoying things will appear early in your life! Especially if you have a light-colored skin, do not leave home without sunscreen.

There are a few more things about your lady;

First of all, Your face will break down your skin twice more than twice a day. It is the most useful thing to wash before you just sleep (yes, before) … Do not worry, we have solutions for the moment you wake up:

In the morning you can clean your face with cleaning milk or lotion. If your face is an important part of your process of coming to the water in the mornings, We recommend you to slice your face with ice cubes 🙂

And our favorite item: Sleep well 🙂

Because quality and adequate sleep is very important for your health as well as for your skin!

We also have a clue about your sleep clock; Melatonin, known as the beauty hormone, is usually secreted in the nighttime according to your biological clock. Therefore, it is important that you enter the bed at 11 o’clock in the evening, that you have fallen asleep before midnight, to facilitate the work of this useful hormone;

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