7 Tips To Make Your Better Makeup


If you want to be noticed, pretentious and leave a trace in your environment, your makeup must be assertive and different. Here we make your make-up strong, assertive and dynamic, our suggestions:

First a clean skin

If your skin is not clean, no matter how good your make-up is, you can not get the look you want. Start by cleaning your skin with a cleanser.

Foundation is important

You need a good closure to make your face smoother. You can turn off all of your flaws with a half-tone dark foundation and powder from your skin. Provide both closure and a natural look using a slim and transparent foundation.

Eyeliner is everything

Use eyeliner. If you are not a good eyeliner user, you have not got the right eyeliner. You can make an interesting eye makeup by spraying neon tone on the eyeliner. If you complete your eyeliner with a small tail, a beautiful image will emerge.

You are in control of your lashes

Curl your lashes and use plenty of mascara. When you apply a good quality mosaic, your look changes completely. Get rid of the surplus before you rub the mask. You can get help from a puddle to separate your lashes. Start running from the bottom of your lashes, apply it right to the end, and repeat the process so that it will double.

The most crucial point of makeup; Blushing

Blushing does not stop you from giving color, but it also makes your bones and facial contours more distinctive, giving you a more characteristic and thinner face. It is important that you drive the herd for this. Apply the herring from your cheekbones to the temples by drawing the V shape.

Do not run away from the colors

Your make-up is on your overall energy. Get closer to the colors for a dynamic and make-up makeover. Think of your face as an empty canvas and use it to draw the picture you want. Neon, you should definitely try a makeup made of bright, trendy colors. It’s up to you to bring out a masterpiece.

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