5 Wedding Day Tips For Brides

Getting married and want everything to turn out perfectly? Follow the fun tips for brides below and both your ceremony and reception should go smoothly.

Carry an Emergency Kit With You

Emergencies can happen during a wedding. Put together you own kit with all sorts of items, including thread with a sewing needle, bandages, clear plastic tape and pins. You never know if you will end up having a dress emergency or a slip and fall that would require a quick Band-Aid before walking down the aisle.

Bring Flip Flops or Slippers

You may wear heels while walking down the aisle, but do you really want to deal with wearing them during the reception? Give your feet a break by taking off those heels and putting on a pair of flip flops or slippers. You can dance and have a great time without worrying about feeling sore.

Get a Photo Booth for the Reception

The photo booths are such a trend at weddings. They are entertaining and fun, but you also get hundreds of different pictures of your guests from the entire night, which makes it even more worthwhile.

Wear Shapewear Under Your Dress

Before putting on your beautiful dress, consider wearing shapewear underneath. It will show off some of your best curves and make you look thinner at the same time. You want to feel more beautiful than ever before in your dress, and the shapewear could give you even more confidence.

Bring a Bag of Cosmetics and Hair Care Supplies

Even if you have had your hair and makeup done by a professional, you might end up needing a touch-up at some point during the reception. Have a bag available that has hairspray, mousse, eyeliner and other important items just in case you need them.

These are some of the top tips for brides on their wedding day. These tips will help you prepare for emergencies while having a good time and looking your best.

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