2 Sewing Techniques On How To Sew A Reversible Vest in 2017


Here are 2 sewing techniques and several good sewing tips about how to sew an invertible vest or the lined vest. A single is stitched plus turned; the additional is stitched plus bound.

Try each to assist you determine your own favorite sewing method.

For both strategies, follow these trimming and sewing directions:

Choose similar bodyweight fabrics for an invertible vest.

Preshrink almost all fabrics and interfacing.

Interface the jacket with a fusible knit interfacing.

Test the interfacing on the scrap of material first to create sure it can be OKAY.

Depending within the material, you may decide to interface both from the fronts and back again of the jacket.

Note: You might want to user interface the fabric plus then cut the particular vest pieces out there of the interfaced fabric.

Carefully reduce two fronts plus one back through each fabric.

Make sure front side plus back vest items are the exact same size in each fabrics after a person cut them out there. Lay one more than the other to check on it.

Apply any kind of pockets or styles to each front side and back level.

For each level:

Place right edges of the material together and stitch front side and back again shoulder seams collectively. Tend not to backstitch.

Instead begin and finish each seam along with short stitches (18-20 per inch) with regard to about 1 in order to 1-1/2 inches.

Sandwich press the stitches.

Press the stitches open.

At the particular neck and glenohumeral joint point from the glenohumeral joint seam, trim the particular shoulder seam allocation back into the angle with regard to about 1-1/2 in . to eliminate mass once the neck plus armhole seams are usually made.

Also cut the shoulder stitches of one from the layers to become just slightly much less than another level to stagger or even grade the stitches when they place on top associated with each other.

Continue with either Technique I or Technique II to complete the vest.

Method I – How To Sew To Complete A Sewed And Turned Reversible Vest

Place the 2 vests right edges together.

Note: Usually, when sewing the lined vest, this is a great idea to cut off about 1/8 inch through the coating before attaching this to the external layer. This retains the lining through showing on the particular outside when the particular vest is put on.

For an invertible vest, you might or even may not need to do this.

If some one of the particular layers shows upon one of the particular sides, it might look like filter piping. You are usually the designer. Produce the appearance you would like.

Stitch the vests armhole edges collectively using short stitching (18-20 stitches for each inch) completely.

Sandwich press these stitches.

Press the stitches open.

Trim the particular armhole seams in order to 1/8 inch seam allowance. The brief stitches will host this particular seam.

If this particular is a covered vest, understitch the particular armhole seams plus all of another seams as properly. When it is reversible, a person may not would like the understitching to demonstrate on the advantage.

Sewing Tip: Usually use short stitching and trim in order to 1/8 inch seam allowance to stitch a curve. After that understitch if at all possible. This produces a far solution, sharper curve rather of trimming in order to 1/4 inch plus clipping. Try this!

After the armholes are finished, location the two correct sides from the jacket back together once again lining up almost all the edges. Pin number to hold the particular layers.

Stitch the particular front and neckline together.

Begin sewing about 2 ins from the part seam on the particular bottom of the particular front and stitch across the base of the front side, in the center front side and round the neck plus upon the some other side of the particular front stopping regarding 2 inches through the other part seam.

Use the regular stitch duration to stitch throughout the bottom of the particular front and upward the front. Alter to a brief stitch length in order to stitch the contour across the neck.

Sandwich press the seam.

Press the seam open.

Trim the particular curved area close to the neck in order to 1/8 inch.

Trim the rest associated with the seam in order to 1/4 inch.

Hold the scissors from an angle whenever you trim in order to help layer or even grade the seam allowances or make use of “duckbill” scissors to assist do this.

Sewing Tip: Always stagger the edges associated with seam allowances whenever they find yourself installing on top associated with one another in the finished garment.

Turn the vest correct side out simply by pulling the methodologies with the shoulders 1 side at the time.

Press properly setting the seam lines exactly within the edge.

With correct sides together, complement the armhole stitches and pin precisely through the sewing line to keep one along with the particular other.

Stitch the medial side seams of each layers in 1 continuous step cautiously walking the hook over the armpit pin.

Sandwich push the seam.

Press the seam open up.

You may would like to leave the entire seam allowance right here in case you need to let the jacket out sometime.

Now, you might have the base of the back again open and regarding 2 inches upon either side associated with the side seam toward front side.

Turn right sides collectively matching in the part seams. Put the pin exactly in the line associated with stitching in the medial side seams to keep one on best of the some other.

Starting at 1 front side exactly where you stopped sewing previously, stitch throughout the bottom unless you come to regarding 2 inches through the next part seam pin plus stop leaving in regards to a 4 inch starting on that part.

Sandwich press the particular seam.

Press the particular seam open.

Press under the unstitched seam allowances because though these were sewed.

Trim and quality the seam allowances to about 1/4 inch.

Turn the particular vest right part out with the 4 inch opening from the side reduce edge. This starting is better compared to having the starting in the center of the middle back again. It isn’t because noticeable.

Press properly again.

At the particular opening, turn in and line upward the edges.

To finish this starting, slip stitch this closed by hands or create a filter strip of fusible web and blend it closed.

If desired, topstitch the particular vest 1/4 in . from the sides.

Make buttonholes to both sides of the particular vest.

Sew 2 buttons together producing a thread shank in together. Make use of these double control keys through both buttonholes like cuff hyperlinks. You can also use 2 various buttons as

long because they are identical dimension to fit with the holes.

Method II

Another method to complete your reversible jacket is to sew every vest with glenohumeral joint seams and part seams.

Place the particular vests with incorrect sides together.

Stitch 3/4 inch almost all around the armholes and the external edges of the particular vest holding the particular 2 layers collectively.

Trim off 5/8 inch all over.

Bind all the outdoors edges either along with self fabric, different fabric, or the fold over cut or braid in order to finish. You may also make use of a decorative serged edge to complete the vest.

This is fast plus easy!

It’s your decision. You are the particular designer!

Enjoy your own vest!

It simply makes sense!

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