16 Gorgeous Styles to Drape Lehenga Dupatta


Brace yourself the mom of most dupatta hanging styles is right here! Not only the particular Indian brides, yet bridesmaids have numerous ways to design a dupatta upon lehenga, anarkali and even half saree. Dupatta constitutes a main part of each Indian bridal put on that sets a good Indian bride aside from others. Whether a person are going to a wedding being a bridesmaid or it’s your wedding, allow your drape perform the talking! Doesn’t matter in case you can have stepped within your lehenga more compared to once. You are able to include freshness using an unique hang which can make it the new outfit!

While some standard curtains have won numerous accolades, we now have put together a step simply by step guide about how to wear dupatta in different designs. You are able to choose any kind of of the subsequent ways to hang your lehenga dupatta style and upward your bridal fashion quotient!

1. Lehenga Choli Drape- Stick and Toss, Carried out!  

Lehenga Choli Drape

Suitable regarding light dupatta designs, this style will be draped normally along with lehenga and choli. With one part folded and covered across the waist, this gives your body a slender appearance. You can also go creative plus put it on as the saree by hanging the one finish loosely that will go behind your back again.

Tip� Always select light patterned dupatta made from satin or even silk.

2. Southern Indian Drape- Satisfying with Pleats

South Indian Drape- Pleasing with Pleats

It’s among the famous dupatta draping styles regarding brides. This design enables you to drape the particular dupatta over your own shoulder while the particular opposite corner will be tucked within the waistline.

Whether it’s southern Indian silk lehenga or half saree, you can include pleats while hanging the pallu within this style. The particular spectators is going to be astonished to figure this out that you’re wearing a dupatta like a saree!

3. Pakistani Chunni Drape Style- The Bride’s Staple

Pakistani Chunni Drape Style- A Bride’s Staple

 Although famous among Pakistani brides, the particular chunni draping design is tossed more than the head whilst ends from the chunni come over the particular wrist. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the left hand or right, the finish of the chunni looks endearing. This particular style suits all those brides who porch up their mind using a fancy mind accessory or maang tikka.

In situation the border associated with the chunni will be heavily embroidered, create front pleats associated with it from 1 side. Make pleat of some other side because well and allow it fall about your wrist visually.

Tip- If you’re wearing an anarkali suit or sharara, this style should go handy.

4. The particular Punjabi Drape Style- Normal but Stunning

The Punjabi Drape Style- Normal but Stunning

It is the great style to cover your face within case you don’t want to proceed with your face revealed. This has already been accepted as the particular most stunning wedding dupatta draping designs among north Indian native brides. A seriously embroidered chunni design will do the needful. The chunni will go over your head which usually is wrapped across the shoulders resembling the shawl draping.

5. Off Shoulder Wrap- Desi Chic Style

Off Shoulder Wrap- Desi Chic Style

 Turn the fantastic classic chunni cover into a fashionable style statement! In case you don’t understand how to hang lehenga dupatta, simply toss it about one shoulder. Accept the other half at the rear of the back holding superbly into another hands! In case your dupatta offers heavy embroidery design, this style may go highlighting the stunning work. Become it and trendy wedding event or perhaps a chilly evening celebration, this chunni hanging style will proceed on making a person the showstopper!

6. Elbow or Hand Drape- Who Allow the Princess Out there!

Elbow or Wrist Drape

Do a person wanna bring out there one of the most of your own bridal outfit or even the lehenga? We might suggest you to go with this particular dupatta draping design! Wrap one hand using the one finish of the chunni plus allow it to pass through the back wrap your other hand! No need to deck up your own wrist with the particular bling of a bracelets as the 2 ends of dupatta will do the particular same! Trust all of us, you would definitely look like the Disney Princess strolling down the church aisle, AHHH the Ideal Treat to the particular Eyes!

7. Anchored Dupatta Style- Transcending Borders All Across

Belted Dupatta Style

Belted dupatta will be for a contemporary distort that you may add to your own lehenga drape. Exactly what all you need to perform is, wear your own chunni at 1 side and change it with the belt within the middle! Not just lehengas, but half sarees, sarees and also anarkali have turn out to be a preferred selection for this design! Choose an adorned belt to hit everyone’s socks away with your fantastic style!

8. The particular Veil Drape such as a Princess
Veil Drape like a Princess

Do you want to turn your desi lehenga into a wedding dress? Wear the dupatta like a veil and you’re almost all set to produce a buzz among your spectators! Select a long enough dupatta, drape it more than your face and allow the ends from the floor sweeping chunni enhance your sophistication when you walk! Select a multicolour, dazzling dupatta to grab the limelight.

9. The Casual Front side Drape Style- Best Desi Casual

Casual Front Drape Style- Coolest Desi Casual

If you’re a new bride to be or even going to stroll down the church aisle as a maid-matron of honour, this drape will be going to include more and a lot more grace! This design is just one of most favored Indian bridal dupatta setting styles that will doesn’t need a lot movement. Toss the particular pleated drape throughout your chest plus get set prepared to steal the particular hearts! If you would like to let the dupatta stay comfortably, perform pin up upon both shoulders regarding a comfortable stroll.

10. Full Include Indian Dupatta Style- Simple but Elegant

Full Cover Indian Dupatta Style- Simple but Elegant

Resembling the front side drape, this design is effortless to style. The dupatta hangs off the particular front from the lehenga that adds to your comfort. In case your choli will be small and a person don’t want to look awkward within your short choli, just toss the particular chunni over your own shoulders starting through front side and stroll confidently! A pure dupatta with sequin work or decoration will appear great!

11. Bengali Style- Culturally Suave

Bengali Style- Culturally Suave

No require to say that will the style offers emerged from your Bengali pallu style. In case your chunni offers heavily embroidered edges, the Bengali dupatta style is exactly what will add glitter glue to your lehenga! It really is styled throughout the head plus tossed over 1 shoulder inside a pleated form which is covered across the glenohumeral joint while the additional end goes upon covering the front side!

With this design, OH BOY, you’re gonna rule the wedding ceremony!

12. Care-Free Part Style- Bold plus Beautiful!

Care-Free Side Style- Bold and Beautiful!

Do you want to create a bold design statement even within a Desi clothing? Just toss the finished dupatta over your own left shoulder plus walk just like a Sassy Queen! It really is 1 of the simplest ways to include pizzazz to your own personality without heading overboard! A ghaghra choli wouldn’t become as chic because shown in the particular pic. Pin the particular drape to prevent unnecessary fall, it’s so simple!

13. The Shawl Drape- Shout It Scarf!

The Shawl Drape- Shout It Shawl

So, a person have to go to a wedding within winter, but a person don’t want to give up upon your lifestyle, right? Simply no worries, girls, simply no worries at almost all! Drape your lehenga or anarkali dupatta in shawl design because it doesn’t require much maintenance. Whilst it’s sophisticated, this continues on comforting your own body on the frosty evening. Style merging comfort, that’s uncommon combination girl, which usually you should totally choose!

14. Gujarati Style Drape-Traditionally Beautiful

Gujarati Style Drape-Traditionally Beautiful

It’s one associated with the most conventional ways of hanging dupatta. In this particular style the chunni goes over the upper body that is balances using a belt or kamarbandh. The particular bride can throw the dupatta more than her head or even allow it to stay right now there. This style will be also referred to as Rajrani chunni draping design.

15. Classic Saree Drape- Mother associated with All Drapes!

Classic Saree Drape- Mother of All Drapes

It’s the mom of most drape designs! Although classic, yet gives latest dupatta drape styles the tough competition because we all understand the phrase, “Old is Gold”. Whether it is the wedding ceremony, Sangeet ceremony or even Mehendirasam, simply make your own lehenga outstanding along with this style!

What you need to do is, stick one end upon the right aspect of the waistline and drape another end from your own pinky finger and throw it over the particular right shoulder. Yes, it’s such as the traditional saree styles. Today your lehenga saree is all arranged to tickle everyone’s heart!

16. Reduce Open Hanging Part Style- Free Moving!

Hanging Side Style

An easy yet stylish method is to throw the lehenga dupatta over your 1 shoulder and allow it to flow loosely! The particular fabric of the particular dupatta hanging 1 side down may add sparkle to your outfit. Create sure the dupatta pattern is possibly sequined or stitched so as to allow it to grab interest.

Whichever style a person may experience, create sure the dupatta you select is easy to carry and highlights the body in the particular most beautiful method. Take an appearance at the dupatta patterns then choose drape will sophistication your whole framework without going showy.

So girls plus ladies, what are usually you waiting regarding? Choose one of the dupatta draping styles regarding wedding, function or even party and rock and roll the floor along with your desi-chic avatar!

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